First Gourmet Pte Ltd was set up with the aim of creating and developing innovative and exciting F&B concepts for the Singapore and international markets. It is part of the multi award-winning FG Culinary Group, which has a Halal and ISO 22000-2018 certified factory, as well as a catering arm.


First Gourmet Rewards is a membership program that rewards our loyal customers for patronizing First Gourmet’s restaurant brands (Prata Wala, Zaffron Kitchen, Pavilion Banana Leaf) in Singapore. First Gourmet Rewards members can earn Rebate$ when you make payments in our participating outlets. You will also receive free vouchers to be used in our restaurants when you sign up. Be the first to receive latest updates and exclusive promotions when you sign up to receive our communication newsletters!
Our membership is FREE to join! It is also a lifetime membership.
You can join the membership program by signing up via the members’ portal (https://membership.firstgourmet.com/en/). After signing up, you can start to earn Rebate$ by spending at our participating outlets.
Unique identifier would be your mobile number which you have registered with us. Only Singapore mobile numbers (+65) are allowed and each customer can only register one account. 
There are three membership levels in this loyalty program. Membership cycle is 12 months, which means that your Rebate$ expire every 12 months. 
Upon creating a First Gourmet Rewards member account, you are automatically a Bronze member.
In all Prata Wala (except Chinatown Point outlet), Zaffron Kitchen, and Pavilion Banana Leaf restaurants. For the full list of participating outlets, please go to this page (https://www.firstgourmet.com/membership/).
On the day you are upgraded to Silver member, that date will be your new anniversary date. You will then have another 12 months to maintain Silver status by spending at least $250.

If you spend more than $350 within 12 months, you will be upgraded to Gold member.

If you spend less than $250 in 12 months, you will be downgraded to Bronze member.

*Spending Criteria refers to Nett Spent Amount.

As a Bronze or Silver member, you must spend at least $600 or $350 respectively within 12 months of your anniversary date to qualify as a Gold member. On the day you are upgraded to Gold member, that date will be your new anniversary date.

*Spending Criteria refers to Nett Spent Amount.

Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be shared with family members or friends.
One benefit for signing up as a First Gourmet Rewards member is that you can receive the latest promotion offer details by email newsletter. Head to “My Profile” section in the members’ portal and opt in to receive our email newsletter.
You can login to your Member’s Portal and change the setting under Profile. However, do note that by opting out, you might miss special promotions and vouchers for members.


Once you register, your mobile number is the unique identifier of your membership account. You are unable to create another account with the same mobile number.
You will need to login to the Member’s Portal (https://membership.firstgourmet.com/en/), go to My Profile, edit, and click save.
Go to the Member’s Portal (https://membership.firstgourmet.com/en/) and click on “Forget your password?”. You will be redirected to a Password Recovery page. If you are still facing issues, please email us at info@firstgourmet.com and we will assist you as soon as we can.


Before making payment, inform our cashier staff that you are a First Gourmet Rewards member. Provide your mobile number, which is your unique identifier, for verification purpose.

Depending on your membership level, you can earn 5% (Bronze), 7% (Silver) or 10% (Gold) rebate of your total bill, before 7% GST and 10% service charge.

Rebate$ are in dollar value and rounded off to 2 decimal places. Rebate$ can be accumulated and used to offset your bill during your future visits.

Each time you make a purchase at a participating First Gourmet restaurant with your registered mobile number, the amount of Rebate$ earned will be recorded in your account within 24 hours of the purchase. You may log into your account through the members’ portal to track your Rebate$.
You can login to the Member’s Portal (https://membership.firstgourmet.com/en/) to check your available Rebate$ and vouchers.
When making a payment at cashier, please inform the cashier that you would like to offset your transactions with your Rebate$.

Yes. First Gourmet Rebate$ have one-year validity from your anniversary date, after which the Rebate$ expire. However, there is a one month grace period. After the expiry date, members can still redeem the expired balance during the grace period.

After the grace period, any unutilised balance will be reset to $0. Kindly note that the reset will not affect Rebate$ earned in the new cycle.

E.g. A member who joins on 25 June 2024 will have all unused Rebate$ expire on 24 June 2025. The expired balance can still be used within the one month grace period until the end of 24 July 2025. Unutilised expired balance will be reset to $0 after the grace period.

No. Rebate$ can only be earned only after you have registered the First Gourmet Rewards membership program. Also, when making a purchase, you must tell our cashier that you are a member, so that they can record the transaction in the system and the Rebate$ will be rewarded.
No. Rebate$ earned in each account can only be used by that account holder and cannot be transferred to another account.
No. You can only use your Rebate$ to offset your bill during the next visit at our participating outlets.
No, you cannot combine Rebate$ with other promotions, third-party or in-house, unless otherwise specified. For example, if we have a 20% off credit card promotion, you will have to inform our staff whether you want to redeem the promotion or Rebate$. If you choose to redeem the third-party promotion, you can still earn Rebate$ for future transactions.
When you pay at the cashier, the bottom of your receipt should reflect the amount of Rebate$ that you received for that transaction. If the receipt states the Rebate$ amount, but the Member’s Portal doesn’t reflect that amount, please email us at info@firstgourmet.com and we will assist you as soon as we can.
Currently, you can only get Rebate$ if you purchase at the cashier. However, we are currently working to integrate the QR Ordering and loyalty program, so that you will be able to get Rebate$ for future QR Ordering purchases.


If you have reward vouchers (E.g.: Birthday vouchers or Welcome vouchers) that you wish to redeem, simply inform our staff during payment (at Prata Wala) and while ordering (at casual dining restaurants, such as Zaffron Kitchen and Pavilion Banana Leaf).

Provide them with your mobile number for verification purpose. Our staff will assist with the redemption of the voucher. Please be sure to redeem the vouchers before they expire.

You can check your available vouchers on the members’ portal (login at https://membership.firstgourmet.com/en/, go under “My Vouchers” tab).

Vouchers do have an expiry date, please be sure to redeem the vouchers before they expire. Validity of vouchers cannot be extended if expired.

Welcome vouchers ($5 Prata Wala and $20 Casual Dining) will be credited one day after you sign up as a member.
You may view the image T&C of the respective vouchers under “My Vouchers” tab.
  • There are a few vouchers that require minimum spending:
    Welcome $5 Prata Wala e-voucher: $10 minimum spending
  • Welcome $20 Casual Dining e-voucher: $40 minimum spending
  • $10 Update Profile e-voucher: $20 minimum spending
  • Upgrade tier e-vouchers: $10 minimum spending


*Kindly note that for $ dollar value e-vouchers, the minimum spending is calculated after GST and service charge.

However, for % discount e-vouchers (E.g: 20% Birthday e-vouchers), the discount is applied before GST & service charge for casual dining restaurants (Zaffron Kitchen & Pavilion Banana Leaf)

You will receive your birthday voucher on the first day of your birthday month. This birthday voucher is only valid for one-time use and will expire at the end of the birthday month.

If you sign up on your birthday month (e.g. Your birth date is on 10 August and you sign up in August), you will receive the birthday voucher on the day you join as a member.

No, you cannot combine First Gourmet Rewards vouchers with other promotions, in-house or third-party, unless otherwise specified.

For example, if we have a 20% off credit card promotion, you will have to inform our staff whether you want to redeem the credit card promotion or use the vouchers. In the case you choose to redeem the third-party promotions, you can still earn Rebate$ for future transactions.

No, you can only use one voucher per transaction. Please inform our staff which voucher you would like to redeem.
No, you cannot combine First Gourmet Rewards vouchers with third-party vouchers, except for mall vouchers (e.g. Capitaland mall vouchers, Frasers mall vouchers). Please check with our staff before purchase if there are any doubts.

If the voucher name states a brand (e.g. $5 Prata Wala, $20 Zaffron Kitchen), then it can only be used for that brand.

Casual Dining vouchers are for our casual dining brands, such as Zaffron Kitchen, Pavilion Banana Leaf, and Ottoman Kebab & Grill (the last brand is currently closed due to COVID-19).

If the voucher does not state any brand, (e.g. $10 Update Profile), then it can be used in any of our restaurants.

If you have other enquiries that we haven’t addressed in this FAQ, please email us at info@firstgourmet.com.